Saturday, January 12, 2008

01.12.2008 - Seven Weeks Into Treatment

It is 01.12.2008, and 31 Radiation therapy sessions are down and three cycles of chemotherapy done. Well, I still have two more days to take oral chemotherapy pills and then the third cycle is done. The oral stuff isn't too bad on my system. I have three radiation therapy sessions to do next week and then I am done with radiation therapy. After that, I get a month off of treatment and then get a MRI to see how treatment affected the tumor and - unfortunately - have a brief, but intense chemotherapy treatment where I get chemotherapy three days in a row for four hours a day. They tell me it is better tolerated than the stuff I am getting in the IV now.

This past week was my worst week of the treatment. It started poorly with my intense illness from the flu on Sunday and then, Tuesday night, I actually started feeling almost normal. I had my last IV chemotherapy session on Wednesday and as planned, they increased the dose again. We definitely found the dosage that I can tolerate because I was not feeling well after that. Wednesday was an unpleasant day. I didn't feel well on Thursday either. Friday, I felt well enough to spend the afternoon at the office. Today, I have been feeling a lot of fatigue and just been trying to rest.

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