Saturday, January 26, 2008

01.26.2008 - Feeling Much Better

It is 01.26.2008 and this past week has been a wonderful reprieve from the unpleasantness that followed the end of the initial phase of treatment. I feel normal and am eager to find out how well this follow-up treatment went. I will have the MRI and learn of the results in 2.5 weeks. It is very nice not to have to drive 45 minutes to the hospital for the daily treatment sessions too.

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Wild Bill said...

Russel, It's great to hear your feeling better. Remeber buddy "never give up!" Now that your back to normal I am sure Carissa will have plenty of project waiting for you. Do you like to paint? well you better! I am sure the kids will like having their Daddy back too. In 2.5 weeks, which will feeling like a century waiting, we expect to hear great news! Always in our thoughts and prayers. Wild Bill