Saturday, June 13, 2009

06.13.2009 - Another Round of Chemo

On 06.10.2009, I had another round of chemo. It was Etopicide and Taxol. I always take the Temodar too, but that is orally each evening for five days, beginning with the first day of chemo. That night, I wasn't feeling well, but I felt well enough the following morning to go for a three mile run. I only missed work for the time it took to receive the chemo. So far, so good. My face is breaking out and that is likely an interaction between the Tarceva and the IV chemo drugs. I will hold off on the Tarceva for a while until that goes away. Even though Temodar isn't that bad, it frustrates me that I am supposed to take it at bed time on an empty stomach. I really like eating before bed and I have to plan to eat earlier when taking the Temodar. The hair is all back, but it is only a matter of time before the Taxol knocks it all out again.