Wednesday, April 9, 2008

04.09.2008 - Three Day Chemo Session

04.09.2008 was the beginning of a three day chemo session of BCNU. I started the morning off with a MRI and the results were positive. The doctor believes we have good control over the tumor and there appears to be no new growth. I also begin another five day cycle of the oral chemo drug Temodar. Since each of the three days is a four hour session, I thought I would use the time productively. I have five jury trials scheduled for Monday and brought the files with me to the doctor's office to work on and prepare. What better time to prepare than when I am stuck in a chair for a few hours with nothing to do. I don't feel bad so far, but I still have a couple days to go. I am taking Thalidomide, but haven't been increasing the dosage nearly as fast as the doctor would like. It causes drowsiness and the more you take the sleepier you feel. Last time I was at 250mg, I could barely function at work and went home and took a three hour nap. The doctor wants me to get up to 800mg to 1200mg. He thinks I need to push through the fatigue and it may improve over time.