Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010.08.08 - Three Months Post Op

The pain is completely gone, the incision is fully healed, but I have a small pocket of fluid between the skull and my scalp on the right side of my head. Both neurosurgeons advised that they must have connected with a ventricle when they went inside the brain in May to remove all of the new tumor tissue. Ventricles are fluid filled areas of the brain that allow cerebral spinal fluid to travel through the brain and spine. When the part of the skull was put back in place after surgery, they were unable to get a tight seal, so there is a small gap between the piece they cut out to do the surgery and the remainder of the skull. The fluid pocket appears to be getting smaller and smaller over time and hardly anyone can tell it is there unless I push on one part and make another part move. I am able to workout again and feel well most of the time. The chemotherapy has side effects, but for the most part, I can cope with most of them.