Friday, December 14, 2007

12.14.2007 - Three Weeks Into Treatment

It is 12.14.2007 and so far I have completed three weeks of radiation therapy and one cycle of chemotherapy. Next week, I will start my second cycle of chemotherapy. I don't feel that much fatigue so far, but I started noticing some hair loss last night and this morning. It is mainly in the area of my scalp where the surgical procedure incision scar is and that makes sense because the tumor tissue was underneath there, so the focused radiation is directed there to irradiate the remaining tumor tissue. The hair will grow back, but not until the radiation therapy is completed. My physician has continued to taper down my steroid dose, which is good because it is only needed to deal with swelling and I don't have much swelling any more. The less medication I have to take the better.

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shayna said...

Sorry about the hair loss but I think you have a good head to be bald. I hope the fatigue doesn't increase. Thanks for all the updates