Saturday, December 1, 2007

12.01.2007 - No Side Effects So Far

It is now 12.01.2007 and I haven't felt any nausea or really any other side effects. While I haven't had to go through any of this before, I would say that I am doing pretty well with it all. When I initially learned of the brain tumor back in late 2004, I felt like if I had to have a mutation (cancer is the result of cellular mutation), I should get some cool power, like the X-MEN. My wife advises that my cool power appears to be not to experience side effects.

Following both the surgeries (early 2005 and late 2007) I never experienced any nausea after having been under general anesthesia. I haven't had any nausea from the chemotherapy as of yet and haven't had any noticeable side effects from the radiation therapy as of yet. After a couple weeks, perhaps things won't be so rosy, but things are going well so far.

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