Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12.30.2008 - Good MRI

On 12.30.2008, I went to work for a bit and then left for the hospital for my MRI. I always go to see my chemo nurse first because she starts my IV lines painlessly. The MRI staff could care less if you suffer while they poke and/or prod. You need an IV for the kind of MRI that I get because I get a MRI scan with and without contrast. First, the regular MRI without contrast. Then, the MRI scan with contrast solution added to your blood stream. The contrast is a metallic compound that is harmless - gadolinium. If any part of your body that they are scanning is using more blood than the rest of the area, it will light up in the scan because there will be more metal in that area. MRI means Magnetic Resonance Imaging. There isn't radiation involved.

I met with my doctor and he reviewed my scans with me after the radiologist reviewed them. They showed no change - all was stable and unchanged. My neurooncologist was pleased with the scans. There has been no new disease since I had the surgery a little over 14 months ago. That is good when you are dealing with a grade four tumor. We'll do a blood test next week to see if my counts are good enough and then schedule chemo that same week if all is well.

My chemo nurse wanted me to give myself a Neupogen shot that afternoon and in another 48 hours. I had two shots left in my refrigerator. Hopefully, that will be enough to raise my white blood cell count for next week.

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Lynette said...

That is fantastic news!!