Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011.06.15 Shortness of Breath

Today I experienced a new symptom: shortness of breath. We were concerned about this so my wife called our Hospice nurse. The nurse told me to take some liquid Oxy and that seemed to help. She also ordered some oxygen to be delivered to the house and came by to check on me. She couldn't find any specific reason for my difficulty in breathing.

My mobility and coordination seem to be a little more off. Perhaps I'm just more tired.



Hi Russell, Lanette Veres here. I was reading your blog and wanted to encourage you and your family! that your NOT forgotten and where ever you are on this brain tumor journey please know your cared about!

your brain buddie Lanette in AZ

Anonymous said...
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Dutchcloggie said...

Just found your blog and just wanted to send you some positive vibes in this difficult time. My wife suffered with a brain tumour so I know how hard it is. I too kept a blog from day 1. It really helps writing stuff down, doesn't it. I have added you to my bloglist if that is OK.
All the best!