Monday, November 8, 2010

2010.11.08 - Disease Progression

My last MRI scan was on 2010.10.21 and it appeared that there was more disease extending toward the back of my head. It was somewhat diffuse. I had "light" chemo (navelbine and avastin) this past Friday and had a consult with my neurooncologist. He met with other neurologists and neurosurgeons and they all thought that there was progression of the disease. My doctor isn't pleased right now because I have tried many of the drugs available for treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme and the disease is still progressing. My doctor recently took me off Accutane and added Tamoxifen to my list of chemotherapy agents. Other than cancer, I appear to be healthy and happy. I have a wonderful family, I love my job, and I live in a great place. I think that this whole experience may be to teach me humility. I don't like to ask for help and you can't fight cancer alone. You need doctors, nurses, family, friends, and a belief in God and Jesus Christ.


Alison said...


If you have the money and the motivation, I would go to either UCLA and see Dr. Linda Liau or Duke Unversity and see Dr. Henry Friedman. I think CNI is a fabulous place, however, your doctor does not do any clinical trials and I think they can offer you some hope. Dr. Liau is currently doing a trial on Toca 511 and there are other clinical trials offered there. Dr. Friedman has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. CNI uses a lot of his, but he has even more. He seems to have many trials available too. I know UCSF and Dr. Berger also have some clinical trials involving vaccines. I believe that these three facilities offer the most aggressive and promising clinical trials. You are young and otherwise healthy, so I think these doctors may give you some suggestions on what clinical trial would be best for you. Dr. Liau and Dr. Berger charge $400-500 to send your disks to them and do an email or phone consultation. Dr. Friedman will only see you in person. Take Care!

Liz R. said...

i was just thinking about you and carissa. i hope you guys get to have a happy christmas together. you are always in my prayers.