Monday, August 10, 2009

08.10.2009 - Yet Another Round of Chemo

On 08.10.2009, I had yet another round of chemotherapy. One of our relatives that lives in the area watched the kids for the morning and early afternoon while my wife took me to the doctor's office to have chemo. I like to compare chemo to lethal injection. If I had enough of it, I am sure it would kill me. If I were ever sentenced to death by lethal injection, I might just lay there and laugh because I was immune to the poison.

This round came pretty quick after the last one, less than four weeks since 07.16.2009. My blood counts were up high enough to permit it and the schedule generally is a round of chemo every four to six weeks. I am hoping that IV chemo will be eliminated at the two year mark, which would be October 2009. That is the goal that my neurooncologist was aiming for and I know I can make it until then. If he asks me to do more once we get to that point, I think I will decline the offer.

I don't feel too bad right now. I had etopicide, taxol, and avastin and the session went from 0900-1300 hours today. My hair is presently falling out, which always used to happen a couple weeks before getting a new round of taxol. Without BCNU in the program, my blood counts spring back faster. Getting a shot of Neulasta stimulates my bone marrow to produce more white blood cells and helps a lot. I will get that shot next week when I go in to have my blood counts checked.

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