Saturday, February 7, 2009

02.06.2009 - IV Chemo Is Done

On 02.04.2009, 02.05.2009, and 02.06.2009, I had my last round of chemo. It was my sixth round of BCNU and the neurooncologist had asked me if I could do six rounds of that drug. He told me that it was the most they had ever given to a patient. All three days I felt fine. I have to take Temodar - an oral chemotherapy drug - for five days as well, but I do that with every round of IV chemo.

I started treatment back on 10.25.2007 when I had surgery followed by radiation therapy and then chemotherapy. I will still continue to have Avastin every couple of weeks and will likely take some regimen of low dose Temodar. Both have virtually no side effects. I will continue to have MRIs regularly to monitor my progress.

As you can see, I took some photos during my last day of chemo. The photos include everyone at my doctor's office that has helped me the past 16 months. They include the office reception staff, Dave (one of Mary's medical assistants), Mary (my devoted chemo nurse who is more dedicated to her job than anyone I have ever met), Dr. Arenson (my neurooncologist and the mastermind of my treatment plan), Cynthia (a brain cancer survivor herself and a volunteer for the Colorado Neurological Institute), Tusdae (who used to be Mary's assistant, but not assists another doctor in the office), and Wade (the staff chaplain).

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