Wednesday, August 6, 2008

08.06.2008 - Another Round of Chemo

On 08.06.2008 I had chemotherapy again and it went pretty well. This is the stuff that should make all my hair fall out again. Just when my beard was coming in thick and full and my hair was coming in the same. I don't feel awful today, but won't be going into to work today or tomorrow because of how I have felt in the past following this type of chemo. I have had to lay down for a while this morning and expect to rest a decent portion of the next couple days.

Things are going pretty well here. We finally got a lot of rain last night. We need more though to catch up for our lack of rain so far this year. The job is going well. I do miss being a first responder so much. Being a police officer is the best job I have ever had and I would love to return to the profession at some point. What I do now is fulfilling, but not so much as being a police officer was.

A Denver PD sergeant already tried to recruit me during a trial a month or so ago. It would be a pay cut and I don't think my current health would permit me to do it at this time.

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