Saturday, May 10, 2008

05.09.2008 - One Day Chemo Session

On 05.09.2008, I had another chemotherapy session, but it was a one day session. I couldn't drive myself, so my wife dropped me off and after they gave me a large dose of benadryl through the IV, I was out for hours. I woke up and tried to do some work, but couldn't get anything done, so I gave it up. Right as the nurse was disconnecting the IV, my brother-in-law arrived and picked me up and drove me home. Timing worked out well, but I felt poorly the remainder of the evening. I didn't feel great Saturday either. The morning wasn't too bad, but it got unpleasant in the afternoon, and now I am perking up a bit. I had to prepare two cases for trial for Monday and those are done. I had a jury trial on Thursday and that was a good experience since I haven't had a jury trial since I went out for this medical situation in October of last year. There wasn't a verdict. The jury was deadlocked. After multiple proclamations by the jury that they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict and two and a half hours of deliberating, the judge declared a mistrial. The drugs in this IV session were Irinotecan (also known as Camptosar) and Taxol.

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