Saturday, February 16, 2008

02.16.2008 - A Break

I did my three days of intensive (four hour sessions) chemotherapy and am taking the oral chemo agent as well. Things were going well during the week...just fatigue. Yesterday afternoon and almost all of today, 02.16.2008, I have felt nauseous. It is unpleasant. I am starting to feel better now. I had a desire for Taco Bell, so I drove down there and picked some up and I feel good. I will have weekly blood checks to see how my system is doing with this most recent barrage of chemotherapy and then in about five weeks, I will start another cycle of chemotherapy. The next cycle will be a different drug and won't involve three solid days of being in the office. If I recall correctly, it will be a five hour session, but only on one day. It is nice to know that I will have a break from treatment for a few weeks.

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