Tuesday, November 30, 2004

11.15.2004 - MRI Revealed Mass

On 11.15.2004, I had my first MRI scan. The neurologist called me not long after to inform me that they needed to do a more in-depth scan because a mass was found in my brain.

On 11.18.2004, I met with the neurologist and she advised that there was a six centimeter mass in my right temporal lobe. I arranged to have a consultation with a neurosurgeon in my medical group for the following week to discuss options for dealing with it. I was started on some anti-seizure medication because the right temporal lobe is one prone to seizing when there is something disturbing it.

On 11.19.2004, I missed work because of the new revelation and received a lot of support from co-workers, friends, and family.

I had a consultation with a neurosurgeon and he wasn't what my wife and I wanted. He didn't seem to take the situation very seriously and didn't think it posed any immediate threat. He didn't want to operate, but leaned towards radiation. He just wanted to biopsy the mass. We were very unimpressed.

After reconsulting with the neurologist, we decided that I should be referred to Stanford University Medical Center for consultation with more advanced specialists. Initially, the request for consultation at Stanford was denied, but we learned that the law requires that a second opinion be granted just about anywhere.

On 11.24.2004, 11.25.2004, and 11.30.2004, I had a few of the same sort of incidents - unprovoked anxiety accompanied by sweating when I wasn't doing something that was physically exhausting. I would usually lie down after the experience and they were of brief duration. I wanted to ignore them all together and just act like they never happened. I was tired of this.

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