Tuesday, August 31, 2004

08.22.2004 - Further Symptoms

On 08.22.2004, I was eating dinner with my family and some friends of ours and having a pleasant time. I started feeling lightheaded and was sweating. It seemed weird to start sweating when I wasn't exerting myself physically in any way. It lasted a couple minutes. I wanted to just brush the incident off as something weird.

On 08.23.2004, I was at work writing a citation and had a brief daydream. I also felt lightheaded and started sweating again. I finished the citation and sat down in the patrol vehicle for a moment with the air conditioning on and felt a bit better. I was feeling tired that day.

On 08.29.2004, I was watching a movie at home and again felt lightheaded and started sweating again. It lasted for about a minute. Again, I brushed it off to something weird, but didn't know what it could be. I told my doctor about these incidents and he was wondering if perhaps I was having blood sugar problems. I got a glucose tester to analyze my blood sugar when the incidents happened.

On 08.31.2004, I was at work driving my patrol vehicle and had a daydream with some lightheadedness and sweating again. I pulled over and took my blood sugar level. It was normal. Eating never changed my symptoms, so it did not seem likely that this was a blood sugar issue.

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