Friday, April 24, 2009

04.24.2009 - One Week Post Chemo

On 04.15.2009, 04.16.2009 & 04.17.2009, I did another round of BCNU. I felt well enough during the treatment that I worked each morning before I had to leave for the doctor's office, brought work with me to do during chemo treatment, and then even worked after chemo was done on the last day. I thought I got off scot-free, but then I was more tired than usual for a week after it. I believe I am feeling pretty close to normal now though. I don't know when the next round will be since the BCNU tends to knock my blood counts down for a few weeks at a minimum. It is also causing me to breakout, so I have a red, flushed look to my face and whiteheads on my face. It is just so fun to look like a teenager again. I don't know if I can say that my hair is coming back yet. I have decent beard growth and my eyebrows are sparse. Last time my hair came out, my eyebrows weren't affected. I don't look too freaky though. Many people have told me I can pull off the bald look pretty well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

04.10.2009 - Hair Falling Out Again

I knew it would happen again at some point soon since Taxol makes my hair fall out. I can see many places where the hair is falling out and it is time to shave my head again. Some day, this process will be over and the hair can stay. I feel good and have been lifting weights three times a week and running three times a week. I am in as good of shape as I was while in the police academy eight years ago. I have another round of chemo - BCNU this time - scheduled for the latter half of next week. Is it spring yet? Last weekend, we had harsh wind and freezing rain and my lawns were covered in sheets of ice.