Friday, March 14, 2008

03.14.2008 - Chemo Again

It is 03.14.2008 and it has been a while since my last cycle of chemo, but it had to come again sometime. Tuesday was supposed to be the day I had chemo, but only if my blood counts were up high enough. They didn't think the counts would be in the right range because one level was down the week before. I surprised them and my blood counts were great. I wasn't ready for chemo though because I drove myself to the appointment and it turns out that one of the drugs they were going to give me causes an allergic reaction in some people and they give benadryl before the drug to prevent a reaction. They didn't want me driving after that. We rescheduled for Thursday.

So, yesterday, my wife drove me to the doctor's office and once the benadryl went from the IV bag and into me, I was out cold. I was pretty much asleep for the five hour session. It made the time go by quickly, but I didn't sleep well that night. I was able to work a full day at the office today, but the last hour was pretty rough. After work, I went home and just laid down for a few hours to rest. Nausea is never fun. Let's hope it is very temporary. I should have the next MRI and chemo session in a little less than four weeks.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

03.01.2008 - Back To Work

It is 03.01.2008 and the past two weeks have gone well. I have been back to work full-time. There have still been doctor visits, but most are just for blood checks. No nausea, nothing else really either. I started taking an antiangiogenic (an agent that inhibits the development of new blood vessels) which will prevent tumors from growing because they can't develop a blood supply. My energy levels are pretty much what they used to be and things are going well. I do get tired of taking drugs sometimes, but I will do what is necessary to eradicate this cancer.