Saturday, September 25, 2004

09.07.2004 - More Strange Things

On 09.07.2004, we had EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) training at a local naval air station and I started feeling some anxiety prior to starting the training for the day. I attributed it to just general stage anxiety over others who would view my driving for the day and hoped that I would drive well during the exercises. I started sweating again. I checked my blood glucose levels and they were acceptable. Later that day, it was quite warm and I was sweating again.

On 09.16.2004, I was doing some traffic control in the shade during a hazardous materials incident. I started feeling lightheaded and sweaty. I had some anxiety too. It was odd because there was no anxiety provoking experience to cause it. The whole thing lasted a couple minutes and I was rather tired.

On 09.17.2004, I felt anxiety again with no anxiety provoking event. Feeling anxiety without anything to provoke it felt awkward. On 09.25.2004, I had another such experience.

Late this month, I had my first consultation with a neurologist. I told her my symptoms and was referred for EEG and MRI scans at a later time.